FastComet SSD Hosting Review 2019

Hosting is the soul of your WordPress site, and it has to be powerful. You can’t blame the internet or WordPress if there is a problem with the soul.

For a newbie, cost is the biggest point for them and very few of them will opt for a costly web hosting.

There are many web hosting services such as Namecheap, Ipage, GoDaddy, Hostgator, and Bluehost, which are very popular among newbies for their low pricing.

But, there are lots of negative reviews about these sites and after reading their reviews, I was completely in a dilemma.

I don’t wanted to waste my money on a third class web hosting and wanted to make sure I am getting what I am paying for.

So, what I did? I researched. I did my level best research, contacted website owners, read reviews and comments from real users.

That’s when I got to know about FastComet Deals.

FastComet provides SSD Disk Space, Free Domain for Life, FREE daily and weekly backup, Free SSL, Free CDN, Seven different server location, 45 Days Money Back Guarantee and Fixed Renewal Pricing.

Moreover, their prices start with as low as $3.95/Month.

With same initial and fixed renewal price, Free Domain for Life, and Blazing Fast SSD Disk Space, FastComet Hosting easily outruns BlueHost, HostGator, DreamHost, and other hosting services. Visit FastComet and Boost Your Site Speed.

FastComet Hosting is one of the most popular cloud hosting, and it is getting more popular day by day. There are tons of features of FastComet hosting, and you can’t afford to miss it.

About FastComet

Fastcomet was launched in the year 2013, which puts them as a very young candidate. But don’t take their youth lightly, despite being a newcomer they have a refreshing and unique approach to providing good quality web hosting.

Remember, Young minds are always full of ideas and passion.

Within the span of 3 years, Fastcomet has achieved what many other hosting providers has failed to, yes the customer’s trust.

I was utterly astonished after seeing the features, prices, and user reviews.

With SSD Cloud Hosting, Free Domain for Life, Free CDN, Free SSL, Extraordinary customer support and affordable cost you too will fell in love with Fastcomet.

>> Visit

You won’t trust me and think I am just praising too much, but I hardly found any negative reviews about FastComet.

It could be because,

Fastcomet is the new face in the world of hosting. It has to see a lot.

  • It has some great feature.
  • It is cheap and fast.

While there’s a long way for FastComet to complete, with the current featuring there are high chances that it could take over the likes of standard shared hosting service.

Enough of the background let’s now come to our Fastcomet Hosting review and Why I think it is the best one out there.

Features of Fastcomet Web Hosting

Here are some of the greatest features of Fastcomet which you will hardly find in any other hosting company. Yes, these are the reason why I am in love with Fastcomet Hosting.

1. SSD-Only Cloud Hosting

Page Speed are a crucial factor for a website and if your site takes any bit longer than 2 seconds to load, forget the users.

Fastcomet vs other hosting companies

FastComet Speed Comparison with hostgator, asmallorange, GoDaddy, and bluehost.

Surveys show that as of the year 2017, second people don’t wait for more than 2 seconds for a website to load.

Unless you’re a very big name and people love your content, they aren’t going to waste their valuable time waiting for your site to load.

Because of this, your website may have a high bounce rate (I know it is the case with most people out there).

Additionally, Google has confirmed that they love faster websites more as compared to slow and heavy website that takes forever to load.

So, if you want your site to rank better in the SERPs, get serious about speeding your site.

Fastcomet comes with SSD-Only Cloud hosting which give your website 300% extra speed as compared to non-SSD web hosting companies.

Whether you know it or not, industry leading hosting companies like BlueHost and HostGator have non-SSD drives which is the main reason why your sites hosted with them are slow.

Why to pay higher when you can get SSD drives at a much reasonable cost?

>> Click here to See Fastcomet Pricing

2. Multiple Server Locations (All Over World)

You must be knowing that if a server is located in the same country from where your visitors are, they will get faster loading time.

Now tell me how many server location does your current hosting company provides?

One? Three? Or a maximum of Five?

Fastcomet has Whopping seven server locations situated all over the world.

FastComet 2018

FastComet Web Hosting Server Locations in 7 Countries

Fastcomet Hosting Server Locations

Here are the seven places you can choose from,

  1. London, UK, Europe
  2. Frankfurt, DE, Europe
  3. Amsterdam, NL, Europe
  4. Chicago, IL, USA
  5. Dallas, TX, USA
  6. Singapore, SG, Asia-Pacific and
  7. Tokyo, JP, Asia

They have almost covered three continents and more to arrive soon.

So, no matter which country you’re targeting, your visitors are going to love your site speed.

3. Free Domain Forever

What’s so great? Every other hosting company provides a free domain. How FastComet is better?

Have you ever observed the * mark on top of the free domain column of your favorite host?

What it says that domain is free for only first year and after that you are on your own. And generally they will charge you about $15 for a domain which usually cost about $10 on Namecheap or lesser on other domain registrars.

For example, DreamHost, HostGator and BlueHost, renowned names in the hosting field are giving away free domain only for a year with their basic shared hosting packages which starts from a minimum of $3/month.

With FastComet, you get a free domain for lifetime (as long as you’re hosted with them) and renewals are on them.

With a yearly price of about $25, you are getting a free top-level domain name worth $10 renewed for you for free.

Domain extensions included are .com, .net and .Org

Ultimately, you’re paying only $15 a year to host your site with no price fluctuations in future. Yes, you read that correct. Fastcomet’s hosting prices will never go up or increase after a year or ten which is the case with all other hosting companies. More about it later.

4. Free Cloudflare CDN

So, you are telling me you’re not satisfied with 7 server locations? Wait! Fastcomet have few more surprises for you.

FastComet has partnered with CloudFlare to give you Free CDN. Grab it right from your Cpanel Dashboard.

CloudFlare has CDN servers in 74 locations which helps in speeding up your site along with reducing latency.

5. Free Daily and Weekly Backup

Another amusing feature of FastComet is that they do a daily as well as a weekly backup of your site for FREE.

Backing up your website is one of those things which we fail to do on time. There are many reasons and situations when you can loose your site and content as well.

Having a backup is a key to lost data. Restore your backup and you’re all up and running again. Like nothing ever happened.

But, creating backup daily and manually is the most boring job you’ve ever done. Especially when you’re managing a number of sites (like I do).

But if you’re on Fastcomet, you don’t have to worry about that either. Fastcomet will do a daily & weekly backup of your site without asking for a single penny.

When all other major hosting providers are charging a hefty amount for the same, FastComet is doing it for Free.

Why? Because they love their customers and want to keep them in safe hands.

>> I couldn’t stop myself anymore, Take me to FastComet.

6. FastComet is Cpanel Powered

Not a big and unique point but worth mentioning. For every site you host you will get a CPanel for it to configure and manage your site.

Cpanel is the industry – leading and most reliable web hosting control panel.

With Cpanel, you can easily manage your applications, files, emails, and database.

Did I forget to mention? You will install your preferred application (WordPress, Joomla, Opencart and other) from your CPanel only.

And yes, CPanel is beginner friendly and intuitive.

7. 24/7/365 Round the Clock Priority Support

Here comes the backbone of Fastcomet. They provide a never seen before support for any query you have.

With the options of live chat, email, and a toll-free telephone number, solving your website related questions is easier than ever.

So, how much does it take to get the reply? Let’s open a ticket.

It is about 9:44 AM (EST) while I am creating a ticket for a general query. I am setting the priority as ‘low’. Of course, high priority queries will be answered first, let us see how well a low priority ticket is handled.

I got a reply and it’s only 9:48 AM. Unbelievable guys! So, within 5 minutes I got a reply for a low priority query and within next 3 minutes, my doubt is solved.

If it was with HostGator or BlueHost, I would had to wait for at least 30 minutes for a reply and 15 more minutes for the solution. Hell yeah, I saved a lot of my time.

Customer executives here on Fastcomet have a great knowledge of what they are doing and will solve your problem within minutes.

And that’s not the only thing they have to offer. There’s more.

If you’ve used the chat support of your current hosting provider then you must have noted that you can only ask questions related to hosting. They will deny to help you if you want help in setting up a plugin or messed up settings.

But it’s not the case with FastComet. You aren’t limited to any category and you can ask for a help for any type of problems you’re stuck with.

So, another day I was stuck with a problem. Well, it wasn’t actually a problem but I wanted to setup W3 Total Cache Plugin for best results.

Now, if you’ve used it before, you would know how tricky it is to setup this plugin and get better results.

Of course, I could have Googled and done it by myself, but It’s better to do it from a professional who know his things.

I contacted Fastcomet customer support and informed about my requirements. They not only replied under few minutes they solved the entire problem and settled the plugin for optimum results.

And you can ask for them to set up anything for any number of time. Yes, I mean it when I said any number of occasions.

I am more than 100% satisfied with the quality of support they provide. For me, I have never seen such level of support from any hosting provider ever.

>> Test out Fastcomet Customer Support Yourself

8. Fixed Prices and No Hidden Surprises

Another out of the box feature of a hosting provider I have seen.

So, you just signed up for Bluehost at just $2.49/month by using a coupon. Happy about your purchase and think you’ve saved a lot of money?

Wrong! You’re trapped. Do you have any idea how much it will cost you when you will renew your hosting package after a year?

You will have to pay nothing less than 3-5 folds of money to what you’ve paid as of now.

FastComet Special Offer

Hosting ProviderInitial Price (Per Month)Renewal Price (Per Month after a Year)

At the end, you’re paying more than the money you saved while buying a new account.

And believe me, you won’t find any coupon for your renewal which you got earlier.

FastComet has a no hidden charge policy. So even after a year, you will pay what you paid at the beginning.

It’s much like the dream come true, as most of us dream about buying things at the same price as they were few years earlier.

If you’re buying the basic package which costs about $2.49/month, you will pay the same even after 10 years.

Now this is what I call a unique feature which completely steals the show.

9. Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are the new popular thing in the online industry.

You must have seen many sites from switching over HTTP to HTTPs. The ‘s’ here represents secure.

A site with https version is now considered more secured and Google favors them in SERP’s against non-secured sites.

While https is not an important factor for bloggers and general sites, it is a must for e-commerce sites where there have to be a transaction.

To add https you will have to buy an SSL certificate which usually cost about $65/year.

But you will get it for free Let’s Encrypt SSL if you’re buying hosting plan from FastComet.

10. 45 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re like, “I am not yet satisfied with FastComet services and want to give it a test before spending my money” then there’s a great option waiting for you on FastComet.

FastComet comes with an extraordinary 45 Days Money back Guarantee for Shared Hosting. And 30-Days for Dedicated and VPS servers.

Not satisfied with the quality and services provided (rare to happen)? Get your 100% Refund. No Questions asked!

>> Here’s your Free Trial of FastComet Hosting

11. Other Notable Features

Open Source CMS with FastComet

Apart from these 10 astonishing features of FastComet there are more which are worth noting down.

  • Free Website Transfer from Another Host
  • No Down-Times. 10 Minute activate and Transfer in service.
  • Free Templates and Installation for Joomla, OpenCart, and Others.
  • Extra setups at no extra cost.


How to Activate FastComet?

Shared Hosting Pricing of FastComet 

*During offer below prices may vary.

Shared Hosting Pricing Table

Dedicated Hosting Pricing of FastComet 

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Cloud VPS Hosting Pricing of FastComet

Fully Managed Cloud VPS Pricing

FastComet Hosting Comparison with Other Hosts

Interested in knowing how FastComet stands again other industry leading hosts? Here are few comparison to make sure you’re not being fooled around :p

1. FastComet vs BlueHost

Head to Head ComparisonsFastCometBlueHost
Plan NameMulti-WebsitePlus
Initial Price$5.95/Month$5.95/Month
Renewal Price$5.95/Month$11.99/Month
Free Domain for LifeYes, Free RenewalNo, Free for Only 1st Year after that $15.99/year
Website HostedUnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Space55 GB SSD Disk SpaceUnlimited Standard Hard Disk Space
Website Traffic/BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimited
Daily and Weekly BackupAbsolutely Free of Cost$23.88 Per Year
Money Back Guarantee45 Days30 Days
SupportPremium Support 24/7/36524/7 Support

With same initial and fixed renewal price, Free Domain for Life, and Blazing Fast SSD Disk Space, FastComet Hosting easily outruns BlueHost, HostGator, DreamHost, and other hosting services. Visit FastComet and Boost Your Site Speed.

2. FastComet vs HostGator

Head to Head ComparisonsFastCometHostGator
Plan NameMulti-WebsiteBaby Plan
Initial Price$5.95/Month$5.95/Month
Renewal Price$5.95/Month$11.95/Month
Free Domain for LifeYes, Free RenewalNo
Website HostedUnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Space55 GB SSD Disk SpaceUnlimited Standard Hard Disk Space
Website Traffic/BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimited
Daily and Weekly BackupAbsolutely Free of Cost$19.95 Per Year
SupportPremium Support 24/7/36524/7/365 Support
Money Back Guarantee45 Days45 Days

3. FastComet vs DreamHost

Head to Head ComparisonsFastCometDreamHost
Plan NameMulti-WebsiteShared Hosting Package
Initial Price$5.95/Month$5.95/Month
Renewal Price$5.95/Month$9.95/Month
Free Domain for LifeYes, Free RenewalYes, Free Domain for Life
Website HostedUnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Space55 GB SSD Disk SpaceUnlimited SSD Disk Space
Website Traffic/BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimited
Daily and Weekly BackupAbsolutely Free of CostNo Information Provided
SupportPremium Support 24/7/365Free Supprt, Premium support for $14.95/mo
Money Back Guarantee45 Days97 Days

4. FastComet vs GoDaddy

Head to Head ComparisonsFastCometGoDaddy
Plan NameMulti-WebsiteDelux
Initial Price$5.95/Month$7.99/Month
Renewal Price$5.95/Month$14.99/Month
Free Domain for LifeYes, Free RenewalNo, Free only for 1 Year
Website HostedUnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Space55 GB SSD Disk SpaceUnlimited Traditional Drives
Website Traffic/BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimited
Daily and Weekly BackupAbsolutely Free of CostNot Available
SupportPremium Support 24/7/36524/7 Email/Phone Support Provided
Money Back Guarantee45 Days97 Days
Extra PointsLots of Negative Reviews

5. Fastcomet vs Hostgator vs Godaddy vs Bluehost vs Inmotion vs Site5 vs Arvixe

Regular Price3.95 /mo$ 5.95 /mo$ 6.99 /mo$ 7.99 /mo$ 6.99 /mo$ 5.95 /mo$ 7.00 /mo
SSD Only servers
Let’s Encrypt
Cloudflare CDN
Malware Removal
Free Daily Backups
Instant chat responseYESNONONOYESNONO
Flat renewal price
Multiple server location


What Everyone is Saying about FastComet Hosting?

Sebastian Said –

I’m in the internet business since 2008 and I tried lots of services…

…since I landed on FastComet’s website. It was love at first sight! To me, is the best shared hosting ever used since today.

Highly recommended.

Saubhagya Chanana Said –

Fastcomet is the most reliable option. I haven’t faced any downtime or load speed issues. The best part is their customer support team. They know what they’re talking about. I sometimes ask them silly questions, totally unrelated to hosting, but they still answer. I’m still waiting for the day they will say, ” Sorry, we can’t help you with this matter.”

J Harwell Said –

Many web hosting companies make promises but few live up to the expectation. Fast Comet is straight forward. Its extremely reliable and cost efficient. If help or support is needed, the response is fast and timely although it may come through live chat as opposed to live phone support. I find no issues or problems with the features. I was hesitant to change web hosts but Fast Comet has proven that I made the correct decision. Their transfer of my website was perfect.

Final Words – FastComet Sales 2019

It’s hard to beat FastComet Hosting when it comes to premium quality hosting, SSD Drives, Top notch support and Reasonable price.

With all the features provided, I couldn’t find any downsides of FastComet Hosting.

I see no valid point of using any other hosting provider over FastComet and I’m pretty much sure soon everyone will talk about FastComet.

It was my review of FastComet Hosting and I personally believe FastComet is the best web hosting provider I have come across.

>> Grab FastComet Now

Note – Some of the Images contain images from which are used with full permission.

FastComet Review
  • FastComet Web Hosting


FastComet own some out of the box ideas and great features which include SSD Powered Hosting, Free Domain for Life, Never Seen Before 24/7 Premium Support, Free CDN, SSL Certificate and Fixed Renewal Price. FastComet is truly worth the money and you won’t be disappointed with its top notch quality.

    SSD Powered Hosting
    Unlimited Traffic & Domains
    Free Domain for Life
    Premium Support
    Free Daily and Weekly Backup
    Free CloudFlare CDN
    Fixed Prices on Renewal
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